Always There

In my childhood, while I was so very young, that adults needed to watch over me
There were those for whatever reason, always wanting to hurt me
I felt I’d only been in this world for a very short time
What had I done to cause a hate to want to keep me crying
Their words were harsh and always bad for no apparent reason why
Even if I had done something wrong, did they have to make me cry
I knew then how mean and crude people in the world can be
Making me feel ugly and unacceptable, was something wrong with me
At night when I would go to sleep, I’d dream such beautiful dreams
Playing with Angels in a desolate place, more like heaven is what it seemed
So happy and abundantly loved in a presence hard to describe
I remember feeling free to have fun without a disturbed heart inside
It was Ok to laugh plentifully, and the Angels poured out so much love
In the morning when I would awake, I felt refreshed and well thought of
As if it erased all danger and fear of being hurt again
I felt stronger than the day before, and a new day was about to begin
The presence that was with the Angels, was powerful and protective of us
I now know it was the Holy Spirit there watching over us
I know because it has visited me more than once while I’m awake
The same presence of love and protection, too potent to be faked
People say things have to happen before you have the Holy Spirit
But I know it’s always been in my life, and I believe we’re all born with it

Author: Cosima

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