All I Need To Know

All I need is to know that you will listen
and try to hear me out until I get my point across
before you begin to shout.
All I need is for you to stop comparing.  Accept me
as I am, cause my unique has no comparison
search as many as you can.
And then I need to be free to love and feel happy,
I need to be proud my heart chose you,
knowing all of me is what you need too.

It’s the things you don’t complain about that you forget
is really happening, what comforts you,
those many little things I do.
You never even notice how capturing it is when you’re
happy, it’s all naturally approved,
but easily forgotten by you.
At times I feel I’m not perfect enough for you.
That’s the way you treat me, and you know it’s true.
So all I need is to know what is wrong with you.
That’s all I need to know, so what is wrong with you.

Author: Cosima

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