Alcohol and Narcotics

From what I’ve seen and experienced after examining myself carefully and observing my surroundings, it often begins with the company that indulges.  Sometimes it’s a fun thing, and for some not as much.  However, once you realize that your in-take is a bit more overloading than others, and you’ve become a little bit out of control, more extreme than others, there are two things to take in consideration:  1  you’ve been influenced by the company you keep, but you’re getting high faster than they are, your system is not equipped to handle the capacity, and maybe it’s better to stop before your completely out of control.  2  you’ve just gotten started  and maybe you need to slow down now and indulge at your own pace, which should be moderate for your physical in-take ability?  In other words, your body can’t handle too much of this.  Don’t keep filling your glass, don’t grab another beer, you’ve reached a point far before they have, of feeding the drug not yourself anymore.  It’s the same with any narcotics.  Stop trying to keep up with someone else, do you only.  Every body is not the same, some people can drink all night, they can handle it, some can’t.  Some people can keep getting high and never fall out, or get sleepy, some can’t.  Lots of people believe it’s fun and relaxing allowing oneself to break loose after a hardworking day or week.  It has it’s repercussions.  Normally it’s nothing nice.  Sipping, talking and laughing, dancing, and sipping more, talking and laughing and dancing, remember this too, especially:  All of it has a subtle ability to self-induce to a higher potency gradually, like after the first drink it seems you’re not tipsy enough, so you have another drink.  Well the first drink isn’t done with you yet.  So imagine the fourth, as you have kept going.  Believe me, alcohols, marijuana, cocaine and any other drugs people take always begins with a need to accelerate to a high, because we believe it helps us relax, eases tension and stress, BUT somewhere in the time you’re actually feeding yourself you began to feed the drug.  Like it’s sitting inside of you saying you’ve had enough, it’s my turn.  It’s creeping sneaky, and about to trick you into deceiving your bodily system, believing you haven’t had enough, when actually all of it haven’t caught up with you yet.  Associates and friends don’t like you so much when they see you out of control, even though they encourage such activities.  Be careful.

Author: Cosima

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