About Math

My essence of math
“It’s an invisible tool that sharpens the mind”

It enforces the mind to think, exercising it with the figuring
of strategies. Had I known this while I was young and in school I
may have been more eager and determined to challenge it.
Plato and Aristotle called Egypt-Afrikan the cradle of mathematics.
They both studied math at the feet of ancient Egypt-Afrikans in the
Nile Valley Kemet, according to an article written by Dr. Kwane Nantanbu
issued June 15 of 2001, how they must have valued math.  Albert Einstein
was a calculus genius and Nostra Damus was a Mathematician,
Leonardo Da Vinci, the Italian Polymath, whose areas of interest included
invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics,
engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing,
history, cartography, which he has been called the father of Paleontology, and
there is more. Many have called him a universal genius, the scope and depth of
his interest were without president in recorded history, he is also the
man who painted Mona Lisa. You can find this information on him in the
Wikipedia, on the internet.
It’s as if the mysteries of math are secrets and when you unlock those
secrets you’ll see the world in a different way, and as you continue to
unlock those secrets, mysteries will open to you for the rest of your
I used to need and example of how to do a problem with each problem I did.
Oh yes, remembering is a necessity, beginning with 1 + 1. Some people keep
good memories of the rules, or the order of operations of math. For others
it’s a harder challenge, but we should never give up.
Search the website for “Pioneer African American Mathematicians”. Read all
about some African American Mathematicians. Starting with Albert Frank Cox,
who was the first African American to receive a PH.D. in Mathematics in 1924
and with a continuing list of others proving that African Americans as well,
have always loved the challenge of math.
Finally, I believe the first week of every math class should begin with an
introduction of what math is worth, it’s values. There is so much information
to encourage math, for particular basis of the arts and studies of our creation.

Author: Cosima

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