A Wicked Thing

How easily we choose dark over light.
How swiftly we allow enough anger to fight.
How weak is our patience, so ready to burst?
Is all madness automatic from being well rehearsed.

How much are we attracted to a wicked thing,
shoot em up movies and murderous songs we sing.
Bad language is for anger to easily happen faster,
as if cursing was ever a ticklish way into laughter.

Hate sitting in wait is such a wicked thing,
from a high seat in power to selfishly bring.
People in management with negative attitude at work,
leaking with an uncontrollable evil to hurt.

Even driving has become a very wicked thing.
A road hate between two unknowing human beings.
Drivers should consider the cold bold way people drive.
Quick tempers behind the wheels, let them pass by.

Teachers find the patience to answer questions kids ask.
Don’t insult and embarrass them in front of class.
They may not be the only one that just didn’t get it,
the boldest one to show it, is the one to come after it.

Around the world a wicked things seat high and low.
Without a thought of God, we’d have no place to go.
A place to rest inside our thoughts, put our hearts at ease.
While wicked things only aim to leave us displeased.

Looking around we all have a sense of wicked things,
but greater than that is our love of life we still see.
No matter how dark the wicked things seems to get.
God is present and still at work, so don’t you give up yet.

Author: Cosima

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