A Triumph For Pants Up

It was a massive signal that reached many young men as their messages poured out in rap, in prison, and on the streets.  A message that caused every eye to focus on a unity which essence indecent exposure over everything else the cause represent.  Since the early 1990’s, maybe sooner, it’s been so long I can’t remember when it began, this reign has not ceased.  Why?  No improvement?  No change?  Yet these followers are consistent even in the down spiral such a lifestyle is offering.  A mark the law finds easy to notice.

The point was made.  It was a triumph of togetherness.  A show of unity.

This is still prominent reflecting on every next generation of the growth of men.  It is however making it harder to find that leader in oneself.   Few find that leader inside.

I can tell when those who have reached that inner-self and found the leader.  His appearance is no more of a follower.


Author: Cosima

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