A Quiet In The Wind

There’s always been a quiet in the wind,
and now we hear what didn’t just begin.
Many aren’t able to grasp the sound,
that part aimed at keeping us bound.
Invisibly hiding inside perspectives,
only to blanket its true ejectives.
Quiet, a creepy suspicion to the ear,
thinking fluttery thoughts and ideas.
Now considering this quiet is very aged.
How long has truth really been caged?
How long has it whispered over the seas,
secrets through the wind of realities?
Foundation now a better seed of growth,
because the quiet has repetitiously spoke.
A pattern so endless, so long unseen,
has been slippery of its hidden fiend.
Hidden too have been the Angels of God,
connecting the dots of its measuring rod.
easing peace into the quiet like song,
having strength for when whatever is wrong.
Gods Angels, like a powerful dance that blows,
through quiet deception, remain on their toes.
Knowing how quiet is subtle in the wind,
their dance is always preparing for an end.
An end to what? Suffering.

Author: Cosima

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