A Muster Seed Portion

Moments in life I wouldn’t trade to be rich.
Never thought with my talents to think too much of myself.
Having valued material gain, I would not switch with this,
not even for a life of Hierarchy and great wealth.
I may never ever climb the highest mountain.
I may never get to see the bottom of an ocean,
but I have felt the presence of some Zenith of grace.
I knew it was Holy and full of life in motion.
It kept me hold of tenderness, a delicate company,
empty of everything negative of my heart and mind internally.
It was as if I was dwelling inside of a comfort zone,
feeling safe and protected against anything going wrong.
An experience sure to be treasured in a life like this.
Knowing this power, not a second of it would you miss.
What’s strange is how well it allows you to understand,
it’s connected to us, like a muster seed portion to every human.
I may never see the wonders in the depth of any cave,
or may never ever board a spaceship headed for the moon.
I’ve never experienced the campfire in a forest glade,
and there’s still so much in life I plan to try and do.
When a presence of love comes filled with treasures it holds,
can open its doors while you understand what unfolds,
and there is nothing of its realm you need to fear,
nothing out of the dark that’s negative is able to appear,
then I knew that Jesus was showing me something.
Of the material things in the world, compared to this is nothing.
and things of the world we work so hard for, to feel pleasure,
comes from depths of what pleasure represents, spiritual treasures.

Author: Cosima

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