A Little Taste Of Peace

All the shooting, the beatings, stabbings, killings, and bombings. What a animalistic negative breed of species we’ve allowed ourselves to become, at least for some, and any is too many.  Remember the one Hitler. How much peace is inside a day of someone so violent? Have they even put it on a scale of measure to notice, the easily perverted mood swings, like a quick flash of fire popping out of the heart of a volcano? Is this really what a person wants to be made of? Check the ingredients, better still, why allow anyone but you to put flavor in your mix? What’s the main ingredient, fear, vengeance, retaliation, control of others? All can climb right out of darkness, and today, with a quickness to destroy. Where is peace inside you? How much? I have the feeling that once the race begins, it’s an everlasting journey for who wants to win. What’s more dangerous though, is the prize, death or even a darker state of mind with negative thoughts and feelings that can’t be erased, so they continue to chase or be chased? Find peace, it’s calm, it’s easy, it’s passive and more patient which is needed for conclusive thinking, and it’s much stronger than anger. Like the eagle that can fly above the storms, it can carry you out of the chaos that is happening in your physical castle, your body, your heart and mind which is so valuable. The company you choose to keep inside, is up to you, and should be no one else, but God. God allowed us the power of choice though, and we shame only ourselves, being allowed to make our own choices when such negative outcomes that are destroying lives are so permitted. Find peace, just a clean taste of it will reveal the works of darkness and evil trying to get in and perform through us. Peace is more powerful than one might want to believe.

Author: Cosima

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