A Hard to Heart Lesson to Learn

Like to talk so much you do it without being careful of what you think to say?  That can lead you into deep insignificant confabulations.  Been there.  Sometimes certain questions need not be asked.  We shouldn’t allow our curiosity to loosen on anybody without checking oneself first.  Trying not to allow any  verbal opinionated judgment of the actions of other people to force them into the spotlight.  You may find your abusive figure of speech slapping you back in the face, even pushing people as far away from you as possible.  Loose lips are not attractive, if it’s derogative.  Joking?  You want to be funny, kidding around with people to entertain yourself and thinking you’re entertaining others?  You could be no more wrong if you just opened your mouth to puke on them.  It’s a bit immature.  We also have to grow up in this area of communication.  Problem is we don’t know how affectively displeasing it is until we’re the victim.  Then we can feel how embarrassing it can be.  It’s too much like a bullies habits.  Many people speak openly with the boldest wrongful, foul and disrespectful topics coming out of their mouths, from a disrespect of “mind your own business” frame of mind with no attention to their own mannerism.  Hence the saying “don’t get caught with your foot in your mouth”.  Some people can straighten you out just as painfully.  So we need to think about what’s going through our minds and if the scenery is fit to speak of it.  If what you have to say is shameful, too negative for other ears to hear, or simply too personal, do it in privacy.  At least if they say “that’s none of your business”, everybody won’t notice how embarrassed you become.  Don’t break up your own beautiful heart.

Author: Cosima

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