A Final Countdown

A final countdown when breaking up don’t have to be with pain.
Don’t have to scar or wound the heart and leave a hurtful stain.
Finding a peaceful way to share disapprovals from both ends,
shouldn’t be like a battle between sexes to see what they’ll win.
Fussing over material gain,  is it like getting on Noah’s only Ark?
Is it the only thing in the entire world to save your possessive heart?
Material things are beneath the value of thought, emotion and will.
Two people can survive going different directions and prosper still.
Maybe the best closure is when there is not a lot of mental games,
just release what’s on one’s heart and mind, the other do the same.
Basically if someone acts like they’re done and really want to be free.
The good part is over, being seen and felt, give them all the rope they need.
May not actually be the way the other  feels, they may not want to let go,
it’s their personal sense of  maturity, that decides how their end will flow.

Author: Cosima

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