A Dream Of The Past

There were only dirt roads in these days. I got out of my car to go into the house. There was an overpass  of concrete connected from my house, attached to another building which appeared to be funeral home, where cars could drive under the over-pass between the buildings to park in the back. Looking around as I was going up the stairs nothing seemed unusual to me. I took out my key and let myself in. As I entered the large hallway, I could see in the kitchen all the baskets filled with tomatoes, potatoes, and other vegetables and some fruits. It almost looked like a big festival was about to happen. I then heard someone trying to come into the house, so I stepped back and turned around to see. They seemed to be having a hard time getting in, and I was wondering who it could be trying to get in with a key. As I came to assist, there were three young boys at my door, seemed to be about the ages of eight to ten. I opened it and asked, “how did you get a key to my house”? One of them said, “you don’t have to answer her, aint nobody scared of her.” I felt as if he was a bit over-protective, why should anybody be afraid of me?  I said, “where did you get this key?” Another boy said, “don’t say nothing.” I quickly grabbed his hand and took the key and I said, “I know where you live and I’m going to talk with your parents.” They said, “go ahead they aint scared of you either.” I closed the door and went to bathroom to wash my hands, because the key had a lot of dirt in it. As I was washing I was thinking how nervous they appeared to be, and I looked up into the mirror in a kind of grinning way, and I was somebody else. I took a real good look. The girl was not me. So I stared at the image in the mirror so hard and long it felt like somebody else was looking at me. I got a bit spooky. Woke up thinking about it. So far I have never seen that person in my entire life.

Author: Cosima

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