A Dreadful Nightmare

I really didn’t want to remember this dream, but of course it’s still sitting on a shelf in my brain.  I had it a long time ago.  It was too painful, and I was so glad to be able to wake up and see it was no reality, at least that I knew of.  I even remember what I looked like and I believe I was in Puerto Rico, a place I’ve never been.  I was of course a Puerto Rican Female, and I was very beautiful.  What I remember is  only the part in the dream of having a massive argument with who seemed to be my mother-in-law.  I don’t remember anything before that, and I was trying to get away from her, grabbing my belongings, and trying to get my two beautiful children prepared to leave, which I can remember were my daughters, they were about the ages of three and four.  I didn’t want them to hear anymore of her complaints, the fussing between my mother-in-law and me, and I had the feeling that I was being used, and being taken for granted.  It seems I couldn’t get away from her fast enough.  We were living on the banks of the water.  Through the screen door I could see my red convertible, the top was down and it was sitting on the runway, where it normally is.  My children were waiting for me at the screen door.  My mother-in-law got my attention for the last time, screaming, and calling me names, judging me angrily.  I don’t remember just what we were arguing about, all I could feel was the determination to be free of her, and the closer I came to leaving the better I was feeling, so I said nothing back to her, though as feeling a little spacey, I felt like that was not the major focal point.  As I turned and proceeded to leave out I saw my children were gone and I noticed the high waves coming from the ocean.  As I ran to the door I could see their little bodies were already seated in their little car seats waiting for me to get to the car.  They didn’t want to hear anymore either.  I couldn’t believe what else I was seeing as I attempted to run to them.  So quietly the ocean was rising, like the quiet before the storm.  I tried to get to the car to get my girls, and the water lifted the car away from me and carried it out into the ocean so quickly.   I began screaming while fighting against the powerful wave forcing me back and away from them, I was screaming and crying out in so much pain. When I realized they were floating too far away from me and I would not be able to reach them, I woke up from that dream.  I felt drained of any hope, my heart felt empty.  My eyes were tearing.  I had to get out of bed to allow that dream to wear off me.  My goodness, who was I.  What was that about.

Author: Cosima

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