One is known by some experienced to have challenged and walked the planks.
One has prospered in much businesses from experienced productivity with the banks.
The one who’s walked the planks is experienced also in professional rhetoric of poise.
The other is promoting the differences supporting people, but it’s causing noise.
Noise of disagreeable ways of governing, and has resulted such negative affects,
from one whose rhetoric is raw, leaving some in fear of this one speaking for America’s net.
Ones experience has shown the country they’ve been prepped for this possible position.
The complaints stabilized against this one has seriously become a dreadful condition.
How then in all America, are their so few stepping forth that are actually qualified,
with no dark side against them so bold in the vision of almost every Americans eyes?
And America, well, we know she’s proven to be unforgiving so many ways before,
as if anyone has ever been perfect enough for the position of a president’s floor.
She’ll dig deep and magnify the tiniest complaint to the boldest possible print,
as if there’s another to take the place we’d be certain was actually heaven sent.
Everyone has their personal cries explaining just what it is they’d like to see done.
But I can’t recall anyone running for office truthfully showing us the math, not one.
The comparison’s of all the lost and the gains that have previously come to past,
enough to present in every campaign, convincing supporters what can work and will last.
Like who will suffer, what can be maintained, and just how to accommodate those at risk,
without destroying America’s principle pledge we want to convince the world that it is.
I wonder if the fine print and top secrets are only exposed once they’re in the high seat,
then after knowing the truth they work to rearrange the promises they know they can’t meet?
Isn’t it good, how in their campaigns they point the finger at what the other did wrong,
and when their challenge is well over they come together to help America along?
I know we being many and different still love this place, this is all of our home.
The many cultures who share arts, recipe’s, stories, and friendships makes home like none.
So the tug of war of who’s in charge in the past eight years has spin my beautiful mind.
Still spinning at the possibility of another miraculous change to happen  at this time.
The huge puncture in economy after twin towers, we knew to be a long time to heal.
No matter who took presidency, the fall of distribution was a lost we’d continue to feel.
It would have taken more than magic to put America’s broken leg back into good shape.
But I believe what could have happened worse was prevented even up to this date.
God stepped in and performed a work for America, our knowledge may never be able to unfold,
because  the hidden and secret proof of facts, is something man may never be told.
Mind, just to mention it, I wonder why we can’t be fed enough of what we need to vote.
We need all the truth about America’s issue’s, preparing structures, and what’s in the building of hope.
Why can’t they show us the charts that can better suit the idea’s for our choice of vote?
Is that why such promises that are made have never been part of the actual final oath?

Author: Cosima

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