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Can’t Quit If You’re Almost There

Can’t quit if you’re almost there. Looking forward to fulfillment. You’re in between here and there, but much closer to where you want to be. What a good position to finally see. Can’t quit if you’re almost there. The satisfaction of completion. Far from nowhere to somewhere, in touch with …

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There Is A God !

I know there is a God, a higher power, above all mankind, the highest tower. No matter how life can be, God is where human eyes can’t see. There is a God. I can’t deny there is a God, knowing our thoughts and feelings, and because it is God, knowing …

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Is There Enough Room In Your Heart For Me?

My eyes are flourished in a vision, and I’m very excited about it. Will I open my arms for you too wide? How much of you can I actually get? My heart goes deep, seemingly no end. It can for so long, spread so wide. Will you end up roaming away from it? Will …

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Always There

In my childhood, while I was so very young, that adults needed to watch over me There were those for whatever reason, always wanting to hurt me I felt I’d only been in this world for a very short time What had I done to cause a hate to want …

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