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Think About It

Can mental be too automatic? I think it can. Check out these examples to try to understand. Ever been so routine to act without thinking? Like taking a medication right on time, without really focusing it through your mind. Then later you’re trying hard to remember when, afraid of over …

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Forgot About This One

A long time ago I sort of felt like I wasn’t really asleep. I remember how it seemed like I was fighting to stay awake. I knew my eyes were wide open and I wasn’t sleepy at all. I was dreaming. There was nothing but space in front of me, …

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Something About Love

People will sometimes say, “you must be in Love”. Is there a prominence from my face of a subtle glow? Well, maybe this will help them understand what they think they know: Love is the company of many attributes. Love is inside my positive feelings. Love is inside my anchor …

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About Math

My essence of math “It’s an invisible tool that sharpens the mind” It enforces the mind to think, exercising it with the figuring of strategies. Had I known this while I was young and in school I may have been more eager and determined to challenge it. Plato and Aristotle …

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