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She’s Your Woman

Precious as a flower.
She’s all female, at the top of any hour.
Touch her tender, gently.
She’s not as hard and tough, as she may seem to be.
Appreciate she’s dainty.
She may seem fragile, but won’t easily faint, you see.
Surprised when she delivers?
That hidden strength will surface, so don’t you quiver.

Though she is strong enough to handle her own,
and always seem to manage to survive, even alone,
she’s not just a lady, but a woman.
She’s your woman.

She knows when to back off,
but she’ll support you when the time comes to stand up.
She aims to please you.
You should see that in everything she’s willing to do.
She can enter quietly,
the hurtful veils addressing your every mood swing.
Yes, she may spoil you,
depending on her to do, those little gestures she does for you.

She knows you can sense her, whenever she may be
longing from you, whatever may be her needs.
She’s not just your lover, but like no other
She’s your woman

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