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It’s important that you love me,
to see this all the way through.
Otherwise your thoughts will scatter,
without love for me inside of you.

I can love you if you want me,
but it is you that has to open.
Otherwise I’m all locked out.
Is it because your hearts been broken?

Will she always be in the way?
If she came back do you think she’d stay?
Will you trust your heart with her again?
Are you dreaming love will be like it’s been?

Otherwise I’ll be waiting for you.
While no one else is in my plans.
No one attracts me like you do.
You’re that different kind of man.

Will you think about what I’m telling you.
Can you concentrate on me and you?
Otherwise love will never be true.

I can tell when you need to hold me.
I understand what you’ve already told me.
There’s so much desire between us to share.
I’m hoping you show me when you really care?

Otherwise I’ll be waiting for you.
while no one else is in my plans
No one else attracts me like you do.
You are that different kind of man.

Otherwise I’ve given you all I have to say,
while hoping our chance won’t fade away.
It’s obvious you know my feelings too,
Please let me know when not to wait on you.

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