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Listen Much? How Well?

We can listen to a babies groan, grunt or when they just seem to be making fussy noises, as if they’re complaining, and we can pick up from the expression in their faces that comes with it, their possible discomfort.  Then we know to try something: sit them up, turn …

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English & Speaking

I comprehend a reason the art of speaking has no place for English study for middle elementary and high schools is because present technology isn’t making room for it, as surely as drawing, dancing, sculpturing, singing, training of instruments-which are now limited, etc., has been deleted from some school programs.  But the art of speaking …

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This is an attribute to humanity which must be earned by climbing the ladder of knowledge and understanding.  There is absolutely no escape from building the foundation of being properly educated for this gain.  Even the slightest lack of it in teaching, if someone has little skills in guiding your …

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About Math

My essence of math “It’s an invisible tool that sharpens the mind” It enforces the mind to think, exercising it with the figuring of strategies. Had I known this while I was young and in school I may have been more eager and determined to challenge it. Plato and Aristotle …

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