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Can’t Quit If You’re Almost There

Can’t quit if you’re almost there.
Looking forward to fulfillment.
You’re in between here and there,
but much closer to where you want to be.
What a good position to finally see.

Can’t quit if you’re almost there.
The satisfaction of completion.
Far from nowhere to somewhere,
in touch with wondrous thoughts you see.
Success has grown the wings to be free.

Didn’t feel this way from the start.
Couldn’t see yourself getting this far.
Now a certain relief before the finish line,
is the pleasure of a great taste of life.

All your strength seize the hold of it.
Goals of dreams you’ve journeyed with.
Only imagined you’d end up here.
The proof is putting it into cheers.

Can’t quit if you’re almost there.
When looking back how it took so long.
The many things you learned on the way,
from the lessons of what went wrong.
is about to have it’s day of pay.

What a good feeling
inspiration prominence through you
One can do the things they dream to do.
Pushing forward always to get through,
what passions from your heart are true.

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