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A Ladies Man

You’re a ladies man, wouldn’t keep you, even if I can
I know you’d never be happy with just one woman
You’re not a player that gathers haters, it’s not the same
It’s a different art of pleasing women, and it’s not a game
you keep them smiling, happy and free, knowing you will go
so you never have to end it lying, the woman always knows

You’re a ladies man, it’s funny, but we all understand
the moments we have with you, a unique kind of man
keeping us laughing, blushing, and satisfied with you
you’re talented with skilled abilities that we know to be true
It’s the little things you think of, we’ll always remember
what makes you different, more special from any other

Though ladies can never hope they can be your only one
the experience, we must admit, has been so much fun
You always smell so good, so clean, and neatly dressed
making us feel special to always see you at your best
we’ll never forget a ladies man, in all the years to come
how excited we were, to be with a man that was like none

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