Short Cuts

Alive & Kicking

The force in the drive. The motor in the motivation. The power in the engine. Should run through all of...

One of Loves Avenue’s-Been Here Before?

Ever thought love don't happen because people won't let it? Sometimes waiting to let love when, from whom, and where...


Come out of that tight squeeze. What's wrong with broadening your mind? Not all situations are a simple narrow passage.

Something About Love

People will sometimes say, "you must be in Love". Is there a prominence from my face of a subtle glow?...

Looking Through The Window

Your dreams, your willingness, your strength toward accomplishments. Your light, your truth, your patience for needed adjustments. Your control, your...


Flight of a Dream

I soar in tears until my wings are wet, and lifted am I above the

Boy Or What?

Real Spacey

Food for thought